This wholesome breakfast will please the whole family! Roll them up, stack them, dip them in custard..

Energy bites Nouveau
Lack of time ? US too ! Fast and easy to cook, energy balls a..

Chips and chunks cookies Nouveau
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Double chocolate cookies Nouveau
Double the taste and double the fun it’s that simple. Because sometimes you need what you need. A go..

A fine pastry flour with dark cocoa, packed brown sugar, a little white sugar for texture and dark c..

Paella - Spanish saffron rice Nouveau
Travel cheap starting with having Spain’s iconic national dish since 1940 on your plate. Have fun an..

The light flour and brown sugar create the sweetness, but it's the coconut that provides the crunch...

Pea soup Nouveau
"The pea soup was already smoking in the bowl. The five men sat down slowly, stunned by the hard wor..

A healthy snack made with brown sugar, flour, oats and cranberries. Chocolate chips to top it off, o..

Prepared in less than 5 minutes, this healthy and tasty bread will delight your loved ones. Perfect ..

Minestrone soup Nouveau
A hearty soup, loaded with red lentils, split green peas and pearled barley. Not to mention the tast..

Vegetarian Chili Nouveau
This is a hearty, healthy meal, with soy proteins and our famous chipotle spice mix that makes it un..

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The flavors of Asia in a gently simmered lentil soup, the perfect blend of aromas. Curry, turmeric a..

Our famous flavoured sugar makes all the difference! Once mixed with the flour, oats and brown sugar..

Here's something unique and cool! Dog lovers can now bake for them, with love. Although they are sui..

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