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Vegetarian Chili Nouveau
What a great heathy and earthy meal, with soy proteins and our famous chipotle spice mix that make i..

Classic Brownie Nouveau
Classic brownie with dark cocoa powder and chocolate chips.A nice pastry flour, ..

Cranberries and chocolate cookies Nouveau
A healthy snack made with some flour and nice golden brown sug..

Coconut and dark chocolate cookie Nouveau
The oatmeal, coconut and chocolate biscuit.The light flour and the brown sugar create the sweetness,..

Raisins and oats cookies Nouveau
It is the flavored sugar that makes the difference. One mixed with the sundried rais..

Minestrone soup Nouveau
A generous soup, loaded with red lentils, green peas and pearled barley. Not to mention the clever m..

Dahl (Lentils and curry soup) Nouveau
The flavors of Asia in a simmered lentils soup, perfect blend of aromas and benefits. Curry, curcuma..

Gourmet gift box Nouveau
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